Design and Architecture Tips: How to choose an architect?

Design and Architecture Tips: #1

If you want to save your money for your home and building construction, you must use an architect to design your needs for home and building.
The architect must have this criteria:
1. Experience in design
2. Use a 3D Concepts Rendering, to see the 3d-image of your home/building design, before you begin construction.
3. A reliable architect, with a customer satisfaction guarante.
4. Include a free estimation for the construction budget.
5. Have an association with the building and interior contractors.

If the architect fulfill the criteria above, then it’s the right architect for your home/building design.

Architecture Tips: Front Facade for Modern Tropical House

For a small budget home renovation, you can change your house facade with a new modern look, with a low cost budget! Look this example down below (BEFORE and AFTER):

How to do it? It’s very simple.

You must not change the house structure. Just change the window type, fill the house wall with stone, or you can change the balcony type.

For Example:

– The House in the photos change the balcony into a glass balcony. And it’s look more nice, isn’t it?

– For Wall Stone, you can pick the popular stone right now, you can pick between paras stone for bright colour, or andesit stone for dark colour.

– For Modern Window Type, you can change into a full glass window.

– Wall Colour itself, you pick a neutral colour, like creme, or white creme / grey white.

Tips Interior: Asian Modern & Western Modern Style for Interior Design

For the first tips, we separate the interior style, asian modern style, and western modern style. You can see the picture images below. First, (picture on top), is the asian modern style, we use a backdrop wall behind the bedset, with a modern natural concepts, using wood, stainless steel, and mirror glass. Second, the western modern style (picture below), the concepts is more simple and clean. We just place the furniture, and for the wall design, we only place painting behind the bedset. So, it’s up to you, which one you like it more, and then you can place furniture accessories, like a vas, a statue, a desk lamp, or anything that you like.