Design Project 2007: Vihara Budha Maitreya Bali

Design Project 2007: Vihara Budha Maitreya Bali

Vihara Budha Maitreya in Bali. This design is included in Entry 65 Holcim Awards Finalist for Indonesia in 2009, which was held at the Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta, on November 11, 2009.

Vihara Buddha Maitreya Bali follows the design of the Vihara Buddha Maitreya previously, namely the presence of a large hall to pray at the entrance of the monastery as a major part of the monastery.

While the rear of the monastery functioned as administrative space, the space manager temples, restaurants, places to stay members of the monastery, and also a small hall / multipurpose room.

A distinguishing or characteristic for architecture design of this monastery is the ornament of Bali on the looks and the interior of the temple of Bali.

Samator Gas Office

Design Project 2008: Samator Gas Office

Samator Office Building in Medan, Samarinda, and Tebing Tinggi.

Layout and Facadeof this Office is a modern architectural design.

That are characteristic of the design Samator Office building is the third formed by a horizontal line, the blue building, which reflects the logo of Samator.

As for the color of the building itself, also derived from Samator logo, which is dark blue.