Design Project 2008: Puri Galaxy House

Design Project 2008: Puri Galaxy House

Designing for layout and interior for this house is very interesting, because of what client wants is just the same as architect wants. Design is pretty simple, with a modern design for layout, with a big garden in the back of the house, and small pond in right side.

Design interior for this house also modern, with just a simple modern material touch of interior design.

Location of this house is at Puri Galaxy Real Estate, in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Design Project 2008: House Design Concept in CitraLand

Recent Design Project: House Design Concept in CitraLand

Modern Minimalist Houses in Raya Balerina Street, Citraland, Surabaya.

In designing the exterior of the house, the architectural team of A-Plus are given a challenge by the client to change the look of the old model house, a design that is a trend nowadays, modern minimalist. To that end, has given several alternative minimalist modern look to a client, who ultimately selected the final design as shown in photo above.


Modern minimalist design shows a modern facade, with due regard for the comfort of the occupants, namely the presence of double fa├žade on the side, to block out the sunlight does not enter directly into the room, and also so that the window openings are not visible from outside.